House of Cards

The Netflix remake of House of Cards is according to the company is to date their most-watched program.

Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos revealed the drama’s accomplishment at a media conference however refused to provide exact figures to the press ‘to avoid comparisons to traditional broadcast ratings’.

At the launch of the show Sarandos said, “The creative team in front of and behind the camera have delivered a riveting 13-chapter narrative that we’re proud to present to Netflix members today… By offering the first episode for free, including to non-members, we are opening up this fascinating world for everyone to see and are confident they’ll want more.”

The first episode of the series has been open to all to view, which may play a part in its ratings success. The remaining twelve episodes can only be viewed by Netflix subscribers. House of Cards is based on the BBC miniseries of the same name. This wicked political drama starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Kate Mara slithers beneath the curtain and through the back halls of greed, sex, love and corruption in modern Washington D.C.

Its ratings success, beating thousands of other programme titles to view, will be something the company will be celebrating considering they had already commissioned a second series before the ratings were known.

Episode one of House of Cards can still be viewed at Netflix by non-subscribers.

[Written by Neil Lang]

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