Are you missing Time Team?

Tony Robinson and team on Time Team

Time Team as a series is now part of television history and last weekend was the first without an episode on Channel 4. Fans of the show however haven’t downed tools and are continuing their historic battle of sorts to save the show and restore it to its rightful place in the schedules.

A petition, started earlier this year, to keep the show in production currently has over 3,500 signatures and already has some celebrity support with actor John Challis promoting the cause.

Lee Brady, behind the campaign, told us; “We are aiming to get some more celebrity support from Stephen Fry and Eddie Izzard”, adding, “We are getting a lot of views and followers on both Twitter & Facebook.”

“With Time Team now finished it will have hit a lot of fans on Sunday when there was no airing of episodes on Channel 4.” Lee notes, “Many viewers looked forward to there Sunday off work relaxing and watching Time Team and learning more about History before starting work Monday. So, I’m very sure a lot more fans will follow our ‘Save Time Team’ Campaign.”

News of the Save Time Team campaign is spreading with regular Time Team members Raksha Dave and Francis Pryor following on twitter the developments.

Lee is also looking at other potential broadcasters who may be interested in the Tony Robinson fronted series;

“We are looking at contacting the ‘Yesterday and Discovery’ channels very soon. Don’t forget that each fan who signs up to our petition will also qualify for a full DVD Boxset of every series to be released as well as all Live and special episodes.”

Save Time Team petition can be found here

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6 Replies to “Are you missing Time Team?”

  1. I miss Time Team very much, although i am watching repeats of the progamme, being broadcast on More 4, it may be a matter of time as to whether they continue to broadcast repeats, until last week, repeats have been shown on Yesterday.
    It would be preferable for Time Team to be broadcast on a terrestrial channel, as many people, including myself do not have Sky or any of the other channels.

    1. Irene Bocock is absolutely right. TT fans are often older and there are seven million people in the Uk with no online access, or satellite dishes. The best hope could be BBC 4. Maybe it could cut down on the nostalgic Pop and Rock programmes and spare some money for something truly entertaining and educational.

  2. With C4 resorting to program’s about putting the kids to bed and Dogging perhaps Timeteam is better off moving away and finding somewhere with a little more credibility.

  3. I am very sad indeed that Time Team has been axed, surely there are still large sites yet to be dug so that more history of our land can be discovered.
    I am already missing Tony, Phil, Stuart, Mat, Ian and Rachshir. Please can you not put on specials where some particularly interesting site is investigated, possibly lasting more than three days, so that a proper excavation can be done.
    Not having TT on a Sunday evening has also not pleased my husband and family. It was a time when we all got together and watched.

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