Discovery-ChannelJust when you think reality television has covered every possible format a new jaw dropping show comes along. Now one American broadcaster has turned to toilets as its latest inspiration for a reality series – entitled King Of Thrones.

Destination America, part of the Discovery Channel network, is to air King Of Thrones this summer stateside in what it describes as “the exciting world of the toilet.”

It may sound like some strange April 1st spoof news report, however the broadcaster has stated the series is already in production and actually is more renovation than following the flushing process.

King of Thrones is to take a glimps into the world of bathroom-remodeling with company Hoxie Homes, headed by Jeff Hoxie. Of course these will be no ordinary make overs, the bathrooms on the show apparently range from the ultimate in bling with a solid gold urinal to a voyeur friendly, possibly hygienic, glass surrounded loo.

“What a potty idea” says our telly critic Queenie, adding, “I just hope they don’t show the owners trying out the refurbished po.”

[Reported by Mike Watkins]

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