Aussiebum Model

In the past we’ve unleashed underwear specials, and with today being such a lovely warm sunny one it put me in the mind of summer. And one couldn’t help ponder the virtue of the Aussiebum brand.

From swimwear to underwear, they have it covered – although thankfully with the use of small amounts of fabric. The dear-hearts at Aussiebum sent me a little image to use some time ago, but then winter came along, and its been such a long cold winter, it didn’t seem right to unleash him – until now.

And isn’t he just adorable? The tuft of chest hair, the cute bulge, the look as if he’s just seen me naked…

Aussiebum Model

For all your underwear needs visit: and I can tell you some of the hot male reporters here at ATV Today wear such branded undergarments. However they won’t flash them for me, well unless its the Christmas party and they’ve had one vodka too many.

[Reported by Vivian Summers]

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