TV Themes RecordNetwork Releasing has ventured into its first foray into vinyl record releases with themes from the ITC classic adventure series’ originally made for ATV.

ITC was a sister production company of ATV which produced film dramas for the London and Midland based company to screen on ITV in the UK and around the globe. Successful series included The Saint, Danger Man, The Prisoner and Man in a Suitcase which are all contained on the first Network record.

“In our time, we’ve released products on many different formats: VHS (yes, really!), DVD, Blu-Ray and audio CD. But never vinyl. Until now.” – Network.

The tracks have already been released as CD soundtrack collections. But with the resurgence in the popularity of vinyl in the UK Network are releasing a host of turntable treats including a new range of boutique vinyl albums, compiling the best of these releases onto collectable 12″ LPs in retro packaging.

“If you think you’ve heard them already, you’re only half right: because every track has been newly remastered for vinyl.” – Network

This year, for the first time, Network participated in Record Store Day on Saturday 20th April. Their Record Store Day release took the form of a 7″ vinyl EP, with the appropriately retro title Themes for Action.

“We hope you were lucky enough to get your hands on a copy but if you missed out fear not, the individual LPs will be available later in the year.” – Network

Vinyl purchases have increased year-on-year since 2004 with over 389,000 records sold in 2012 figures from BPI note.

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