Channel 4Channel 4 today have revealed more details about the third series of award winning comedy drama Fresh Meat.

Fans of the show cast your mind back to the end of last term… JP and Howard were bubbling in the back garden hot tub with Jenny the pig. Vod and Oregon were off to widen their horizons in South America, Hartnell Avenue styley and Kingsley well, Kingsley was doing all he could to prevent a bottom lip wobble as Josie sped down the M4 aboard a National Express bus.

BUT that was so last year. Now it’s a whole new term, they’re second years and they’re back for a third eight part run of the multi-award winning comedy drama, Fresh Meat created by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong.

Roberto Troni, drama commissioning editor says: “We’re thrilled to have the Fresh Meat gang coming back to Channel 4 for a new academic year and a new series. Sam & Jesse and our brilliant cast return once again to remind us of those excruciatingly awkward yet seminal uni days, in their inimitable and hilarious style. The residents of Hartnell Avenue may be a year older but –thankfully- they’re none the wiser, as they deal with new responsibilities, new housemates and new loves, heartbreak, heartache and few unwanted blasts from the pasts.”

Well, we say they’re all back, Josie may be down in Southampton, slightly disembodied, but in full HD via the technological wonders of an iPad- the question is for how long? Also we make no promises that Jenny hasn’t trotted off to the slaughter house, or to focus on other career defining projects. As for the rest of our Manchester Medlock homies, while they may no longer be freshers, they certainly ain’t any the wiser…

As we begin the series JP is promptly throwing himself, head first, into a second year ceremonial mission to f*ck a fresher; accompanied somewhat willingly but not altogether skilfully by his faithful wing-man, Howard. Meanwhile there’s a brand new housemate in the form of genuine fresher and smoking fine filly, Candice. Home schooled and as yet unsullied by student-dom (Unless JP has his way) this first year is about to make an impact on the rest of the house, as they set out to show her just how cool they really are.

There’s also another newbie in the mix as Vod brings back more than everyone bargained for from her travels, in the shape of her new Mexican beefcake lover Javier (which may explain why she and translator Oregon returned from their jaunt separately.) Finally Kingsley, bless his cottons, is experiencing life as an unlikely lothario as he continues to juggle double women trouble.

Objective Productions’ Head of Drama and co-Executive Producer Judy Counihan, says: “Our fabulous gang of six returns to navigate their second year; no longer freshers, but eager as ever to experience uni life to the full and beyond – and there’s an unsuspecting newbie to educate, too ..”

Fresh Meat is an Objective Productions series. Filming begins in Manchester in June and the series will be broadcast on Channel 4 in Autumn 2013.

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