Paralympics, Channel 4, Oscar PistoriusBarry and June Steenkamp give their only in-depth TV interview in Channel 5’s Why did Oscar Pistorius Kill our Daughter?

In this Channel 5 world exclusive, produced by Mentorn Media, the parents of Reeva Steenkamp open their hearts to tell for the first time the full story of the daughter they lost – shot dead by her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius on Valentine’s Day.

Ben Frow, Director of Programmes Channel 5 said “This tragic story is one of the biggest in recent years and we would like to thank Barry and June Steenkamp for agreeing to give these interviews at such a difficult time.”

Revealing personal photographs and letters not seen before, the film charts the rise of the beautiful woman whose life was cut short so violently in the early hours of February 14, 2013.

And in a chilling portend of her own death the film shows for the first time Reeva’s own paintings depicting a gunman, an angel and a stairway to heaven – images which her parents describe as a “premonition.”

With unique access to her parents in South Africa, other members of Reeva’s family, including those living in the UK, and some of her best friends, the film shows how she touched the lives of all she met.

The fashion editor who helped launch Reeva’s career as a model speaks for the first time about the impact the young girl had on her and how she was destined for stardom.

The photographer who conducted her first photo-shoot tells how she had the ‘X Factor’.

Her best friends from school tell how Reeva recovered after breaking her back in a horse-riding fall , which could have left her paralysed. One tells the film how she is full of ‘hatred’ for Oscar Pistorius and what he did.

And, lastly, the documentary shows the emotional scene as friends and family come together to scatter Reeva’s ashes on the beach that she loved.

Intimate and deeply personal, this is the portrait of Reeva Steenkamp as told by the people who knew & loved her and how their lives will never be the same again.

Editorial Director Tinopolis Group, Steve Anderson, said: “Our teams in South Africa and in the UK have worked tirelessly towards securing this interview with the Steenkamp family. Viewers will get a true insight into Reeva’s life from the people who know her best, and hear more important details about her last days.”

Why did Oscar Pistorius Kill Our Daughter? follows the news earlier this month that Channel 5 was to air a documentary  about the incident.

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