Pictures: Danny Pennant returns to EastEnders

ATV Soapworld Preview: EastEnders Gary Lucy returns as Danny Pennant

Next week sees the return of Danny Pennant, played by Gary Lucy, to EastEnders.

The city banker caused a stir the last time he was in Walford after he had a one night stand with Syed Masood before later accusing Syed’s partner Christian of assault.

Danny returns at the opening of Ian Beale’s new restuarant where Lister introduces Ian to Danny as his investor friend. Ian is hoping to secure an investment from Danny so he can buy Janine out of the business.

ATV Soapworld Preview: EastEnders

Everyone soon heads outside for the grand unveiling of the sign and official opening of the restaurant. However when Danny pulls the cord, Ian is stunned to see the name has been changed from ‘Ian Beale @Le Square’ to ‘Scarlett’s’ and Janine tells a shocked Ian if he doesn’t like it he will have to buy her out.

Lauren has been secretly knocking back the drinks all afternoon and when she spills a drink over Danny, Ian is apologetic hoping this hasn’t scuppered his chances of Danny investing. Ian is gutted when Danny informs him that his job is to find people to invest in property but he won’t be asking anyone to invest in the restaurant.

ATV Soapworld Preview: Danny Pennant makes his return to Walford

This episode airs on Friday 7th June at 8.00pm on BBC One.

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  1. FYI
    I read an interview with Gary in Inside Soap where he talks about a new romance for his character. Either he’s bi or they are introducing another gay character otherwise I can’t think who he’ll go with. I have loved him ever since he was in Hollyoaks and they did the male rape storyline. Fantastic actor!

  2. anyone else think he looks a bit like david cameron here? ha! he was really hot in footballers wives as well I used to really fancy him but I dont in eastenders for some reason.

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