EastEnders - Ronnie BranningEastEnders actress, and mum-of-two, Samantha Womack has told The Sunday Mirror she is ‘desperate’ to have more children.

Womack, who is returning to Albert Square as Ronnie Mitchell, and who is also stepmum to Michael her husband Mark’s son, told the newspaper she’s quite broody.

“I’m desperate to have another one but my husband won’t let me,” she says, adding, “I keep on telling him it would be such a shame not to have more ­children because we make such beautiful ones.

“I love being a mum and my youngest, Lily, is like me. She’s growing up so quickly and is always about five years ahead of where she should be. I’d love another baby.

“I’m probably being greedy because I already have two but I would like another chance to get it right now that I’m older, ­happier and more confident. The time after I had my first child Ben was really tough.

“My whole outlook on life changed and I felt like a failure as a mother because when I went back to work I had to leave him. I took two years off but it didn’t feel like enough. I know lots of women go through that.”

Womack also told the paper she has given up her ‘wild-child ways’ and feels much more settled. Her children, Ben, 12, and Lily Rose, eight, are the centre of her world and she is “militant” about spending time with them.

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