Bill Pertwee Dies Aged 86

Actor Bill Pertwee, known for his role in the BBC comedy Dad’s Army, has died at the age of 86 his agent has announced.

Dad's Army cast and crew inc: Perry & Croft

Pertwee played Warden Hodges in 60 episodes of the classic sitcom penned by Jimmy Perry and David Croft. Warden Hodges was the rival to Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe) and to the platoon in general – he would often try to foil Mainwaring’s various training exercises.

Although Dad’s Army will be Bill Pertwee’s best remembered role he appeared in a wide range of films and television programmes.

Bill PertweeBill Pertwee was a distant cousin to the actor Jon Pertwee who is best remembered for his role of the 3rd Doctor in Doctor Who.

The actor appeared in two Carry On films; Carry On Loving and Carry On Girls. Pertwee also recorded scenes for Carry On at your Convenience but they were not included in the theatrical cut – he was not the only actor to have their scenes cut from the film as Terry Scott also had a small role which also did not make the final cut.

Pertwee’s other notable roles include P.C Wilson in You Rang, M’Lord? and Sergeant Gough in Chance in a Million. For two series he was the straight man opposite comedian Larry Grayson in his LWT sketch show.

His agent Meg Poole said: “He was a really, really nice man. Very bright, very intelligent.

“He came from a big theatrical family, a big show business family, and like all of them it was his life and it was very important to him and he was a hugely professional, very clever man.”

Bill Pertwee: 1926 – 2013

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  1. BILL PERTWEE in DADS ARMY as WARDEN HODGES was a legend the times he fell in the water after trying to get the better of CATAIN MAINWARING he never did. So as that AIRRAID warning sounds for the last time its PUT THAT LIGHT OUT this time forever THANKS BILL MY FRIEND REST IN PEACE.

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