CommunityDan Harmon is in talks with NBC about returning to helm the cult comedy series Community which he created.

The news will be welcomed by Community fans and comes just weeks after NBC confirmed it was ordering a fifth season of the comedy. Harmon was fired from Community last May and was replaced as show-runner on the series by Moses Port and David Guarascio. Harmon’s departure was just one of several bumps in the road for Community‘s fourth season; actor Chevy Chase also bowed out and its air-date was pushed back leaving fans worried about the comedy’s future.

Ratings for the fourth season were high enough for NBC to renew it – the broadcaster axed a string of its comedies in a brutal clearing out that so easily could have included Community – but were around the same level as the third season. Entertainment Weekly reports that this has prompted Community produces Sony TV to start up talks with Harmon over returning.

Community will return to NBC for a 13 episode run as part of the broadcasters line-up of midseason shows. Fans will just have to wait to see if it will be with Dan Harmon at the helm or not.

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