Michael seduces Alice in EastEnders

This is the moment Alice Branning is seduced by Michael Moon in EastEnders next month.

ATV Soapworld: Preview: The Kiss

The scene comes after Michael’s estranged wife Janine discovers that he has been seeing their daughter Scarlett behind her back.

Under pressure from Michael, Alice has been using her role as Scarlett’s nanny to allow him access to the tot, but it’s not long before her conscience gets the better of her and she ends up revealing all to Janine.

Janine exacts her revenge by inviting Michael to the opening of Ian’s new restaurant, leading him to believe that she wants a truce between them, however Michael is stunned when Janine then drops the bombshell that she’s leaving the Square with Scarlett and he may never see them again.

ATV Soapworld: Preview: EE

Frantic over his daughter’s whereabouts, Michael blames Alice for Janine leaving and his mood worsens as he fails to make any progress in tracking Janine down. Michael rejects Alice as she tries to comfort him but when she accuses him of lashing out as there’s nothing left for him to control, Michael kisses Alice before leading her upstairs.

This episode airs on Tuesday 11th June at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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11 Replies to “Michael seduces Alice in EastEnders”

  1. I think he’s going to sleep with Kat or Roxy as well as in the spoilers that came out yesterday on the bbc website it says Michael rips Alfie’s world apart.

      1. It was in the spoilers the bbc released yesterday on their press office page it said something about Michael ripping Alfie’s world apart.

  2. Whatever the Alfie spoiler is about it won’t be Michael’s exit he’s not going until later in the year. They wouldn’t write him out without Janine or Scarlet there and Janine goes away for a bit next week.

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