Baby Conflict for Corrie’s Tina, Michael punched in ‘Enders, Adam & Robbie in Dales Accident


Coronation Street

Tina continues to feel emotionally attached to baby Jake, a feeling that is intensified when he has to undergo surgery for a bowel infection.

With the surgery a success, Jake continues to grow stronger and doctors say he can be held for the first time, but when an excited Garry and Izzy turn up at the hospital they’re confused to find Tina nursing him.

Torn between her commitment to Gary and Izzy and the love she feels for the child she carried for 8 months, can Tina bring herself to give him up?


This episode airs on Monday 10th June at 7.30pm on ITV1.



Alice is exuberant following her night of passion with Michael, however it’s apparent he doesn’t feel the same way. Michael is quick to let Alice know that he was just using her for sex, leaving her gutted.

Kat comforts a broken-hearted Alice who lets slip that it was Michael she slept with. Kat is disgusted to hear this and goes to see Michael where she calls him out on his behaviour.

Knowing he shouldn’t have done it and hating himself Michael tells Joey what happened, hoping to provoke a reaction. A furious Joey punches Michael to the floor, telling him to stay away from his sister.


This episode airs on Friday 14th June at 8.00pm on BBC One.



Adam is still at odds with Moira over her relationship with Cain and it’s not long before he strikes up an alliance with Robbie who is still angry about Debbie reporting him to the police.

Robbie later steals Cain’s car keys and concocts a plan that will see him and Adam come out on top. As the pair drive off together – fuelled by drink and irrational thinking – they are just moments away from disaster.

Things take a nasty turn when they knock down Kerry Wyatt.


This episode airs on Wednesday 12th June at 7.00pm on ITV1.

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  1. I know I should feel sorry for Izzy but she’s been such a cow of late. She had absolutely no right to keep Gary from seeing the baby.

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