In Pictures: Peter Beale returns to EastEnders

Here are some newly released images of EastEnders newcomer Ben Hardy who makes his debut as established character Peter Beale in tonight’s episode of the soap.

The Beales, EastEndersA family reunited: Ian with sons Peter and Bobby and daughter Lucy – Picture Credit: BBC

It was first announced in April that the twin brother of Lucy and son of Ian would soon be back in Walford with actor Ben Hardy taking over the role.

“I’m really excited to be joining the fantastic cast of EastEnders – a show which my family have watched for years. I can’t wait to step into the shoes of a character with so much history and am looking forward to getting stuck in.”  – Hardy

Peter Beale, EastEnders(L) Ben Hardy’s first appearance as Peter, (R) Behind the scenes with Ben Hardy  – Picture Credit: BBC

The role of Peter was previously played by Thomas Law from October 2006 until December 2010 and Hardy recently addressed the recast in an interview with Inside Soap.

“I’m sure there are some avid Thomas lovers out there who might not adjust to Peter having a new face, so it’s just about weathering the storm and hoping the viewers get used to me. I know that some people really don’t like change!


“I didn’t purposefully go back and look at Thomas’s work, but I did used to watch EastEnders when he was playing Peter. So I’ve still got those memories and essential qualities that he brought to the role.


“I don’t want to ignore what he did, but at the same time, I’d like to put my own stamp on it.” – Ben Hardy

Peter Beale, EastEndersBehind the scenes with Ben Hardy – Picture Credit: BBC

Peter arrives back in Walford for the opening of his dad’s new restaurant but there’s no warm welcome in store as he walks in to find a furious argument between Ian and Lucy taking place. An incredulous Lucy is tackling Ian having discovered that he has been forging cheques in her name and stealing from her. How will Peter react when he finds his family at war?

Peter returns to EastEnders tonight at the later time of 9.00pm on BBC One.

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11 Replies to “In Pictures: Peter Beale returns to EastEnders”

      1. My issue with Nick is that the actor playing him cannot act. I could get over the way he looks and his age if he had any acting ability. Corrie has a few dud actors at the moment the guy from the factory is just as bad.

  1. In some pics I think he looks hot but in others he dont like the first pic here he is nice looking but the third one its a bit meh.

    1. What difference does it make whether you fancy him or not? Ian Beale isn’t a stunner why would you expect him to have gorgeous kids.

      1. Don’t dis Eastenders I know alot more
        About the soap than you do!!!!
        jacquline aka Lauren branning
        replaced Maddie … Hattie aka Lucy Beal
        replaced melisia… Ben aka Peter Beal
        replaced Tom ….joseph aka Ben Mitchel
        replaced Charlie

  2. I saw this guy in a play not long ago and he can actually act. He is LAMDA trained. I just hope they let him speak in his own voice and not advise him to put an accent on. I can’t understand Joey Branning half the time.

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