Andrew Lancel now facing four charges of indecent assault

Andrew LancelTwo of the indecent assault charges faced by actor Andrew Lancel have been thrown out in court.

Lancel – real name Andrew Watkinson – is currently on trial at Liverpool Crown Court and was originally charged with six counts of indecent assault of a child under 16.

However, the court today dismissed two of the charges after the alleged victim struggled to recall when the incidents in question took place.

The 42-year-old actor will continue to face the remaining four charges, Liverpool Echo reports.

The case dates back to 1993 when Lancel met his alleged victim at a Merseyside theatre group.

Lancel denies any sexual contact with his accuser and claims he maintained contact with him long after the abuse was alleged to have happened.

Lancel says he was baffled when his alleged victim recently began to send him text messages accusing him of being “vile” and doing something “massively illegal”.

“I remember thinking, ‘What is that about?’ It didn’t sound like his words. I thought it was nonsense. I thought he was under the influence.

“There was  no clue, there was nothing that would hint at anything like this.” – Lancel

The trial continues tomorrow.

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