CNBC Meets… Andre Agassi

CNBC MeetsIn the next episode of CNBC Meets, presenter Tania Bryer conducts a very personal interview with tennis legend Andre Agassi.In the interview Agassi reveals that he has no regrets about publishing his autobiography Open and the impact it had on his family and the tennis world.

He discusses his childhood, the influence his father has had on his life and how leaving school at age 14 affects him to this day.

Bryer also talks with Agassi about his time on the tennis court and the impact of his roller coaster ride of fighting back to becoming the number one player in the world.

Tania Bryersays “I was thrilled to meet such a tennis legend and was struck by Andre’s humility and openness. He certainly did not hold back!”

Filmed on location at the school he founded in his hometown of Las Vegas, Agassi discusses the importance of giving back through his foundation and how the students and teachers carry his own personal ethos into the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy.

In the interview Agassi tells Bryer why the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education is now his main focus, “What it really re-emphasises is what I always believe, which is with education comes hope, comes choice. And I had a lack of choice in my life, and when I see these kids, I see kids who will have choices and that’s incredibly rewarding. And when I’m here I look back at my childhood and I kind of call it even!”

CNBC Meets… Andre Agassi, Wednesday, 12th of June 2013 at 10.00pm

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