Let’s take a look at the Photo hall of fame for the 2013 Big Brother contestants.

This year the house has a wide range of personalities from a practicing Shaman to a straight talking Northerner who claims they offend most people they talk to.

Nine faces arrived tonight, more are set to swiftly follow.

Big Brother 2013 WOLFY Big Brother 2013 SOPHIE Big Brother 2013 SALLIE
Big Brother 2013 JEMIMA Big Brother 2013 Sam Big Brother 2013 Michael
Big Brother 2013 Jack & Joe Big Brother 2013 Dexter Big Brother 2013 Callum

Key Facts

  • 29 year old actor Michael is in the house as ‘the people’s puppet’ who will be at the audience’s disposal from day one to cause mischief and chaos.
  • Wolfy is a qualified mackerel fisherwoman. She lives with her girlfriend of four years who she describes as the love of her life.
  • Sophie is feisty and cockney born and bred in the East End of London. She has gypsy roots as well as peroxide ones.
  • Sallie is a tattooed, rock chick, glamour model who describes herself as a bitch. Sallie has slept with over 70 girls
  • Jemima runs her own matchmaking website which she started in 2008. The website is all about women who want a rich man to date.
  • Sam is an ambitious cheeky chap who has represented Great Britain and Wales as part of their deaf football teams.
  • Chatty identical twins Jack and Joe share everything; friends, interests and even the same bedroom.
  • Liverpudlian Dexter’s jobs have included male escort, paparazzo, strip club manager, magician and celeb PR
  • Callum currently works as a children’s football coach. He really enjoys it because of all the attention and praise he receives from the parents.

For more details on each participant check out our fuller feature here.

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