Bono in ‘no limits’ interview for RTÉ

Gay ByrneBroadcaster Gay Byrne has revealed his forthcoming interview with singer Bono had no restraints put upon it and is a no limits conversation.

The interview with U2’s Bono froms part of RTÉ One series, The Meaning Of Life fronted by legendary host Gay Byrne (pictured left).

RTÉ say that Bono will ponder on ‘the life that has shaped his beliefs and values and the values and beliefs that have shaped his life’.

Bono is one of the people who I have always wanted to feature on the Meaning Of Life. For one of Ireland’s most influential figures he has managed to maintain a remarkable degree of privacy. We had spoken many times about doing the interview as I knew this would be very different to any we had done in the past.

Many people will be surprised that Bono has a deeply-rooted belief which permeates his everyday life and motivates all his campaigning work. Nothing was off limits and he opened up about his innermost beliefs, his religion, his family and of course the influence of his beliefs on U2. – Gay Byrne

The RTÉ recording took place a few days before the frontman’s 53rd birthday, while U2 were in the process of recording their next album which is due out later this year. The Irish broadcaster notes that the chat isn’t the usual publicity conversation to plug the album or the band so will be something more.

Gay and Bono have a television history with the singer appearing a number of times on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show under Byrne’s years as chat show host.

The Meaning Of Life, RTÉ One on Tuesday June 25th at 9.35pm

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