Channel 4 HunksChannel 4 has commissioned six more hour long movies for the First Cut strand to air later this year on Channel 4.

The documentary strand showcases films by up-and-coming new and diverse talent. For the first time this year, First Cut films increased to 60 minutes and moved to a post-watershed slot. This was, the broadcaster says, to allow greater freedom for directors to produce more ambitious work and showcase their storytelling and film-making skills.

With previous First Cut films such as Scientologists at War airing at 9pm and rating well and Why Am I Still Single? included as part of the Mating Season, the strand is proving to be a genuine launch pad for a new generation of confident and exciting directors. This next batch is different yet again with a focus on experimentation with form, narrative and authorship. Having commissioned two new and very different directors at Sheffield this year at the new-look pitch, the door is still very much open for First Cut pitches and we look forward to hearing from directors and indies. – First Cut Commissioning Editor, Lina Prestwood.

The forthcoming First Cut films will see Alex Brooker in Man V Fat investigate the growing cultural phenomenon of male obsession with weight and body image as he embarks on his own personal weight loss plan.

Missing will reveal the powerful human stories at the heart of real missing person’s incidents through the incredible testimonies of missing people themselves. Pay Day is a unique performance film about a generation of young twenty-something’s in Britain blighted by debt.

Bad Boys which recently won the Student Documentary Award at the 20th Sheffield Doc Fest tells the story of young adolescent boys with emotional and behavioural difficulties and have been sent to attend a specialist boarding school only for boys.

My Baggy Body follows three people who have been left with extreme amounts of excess skin as a result of weight loss and now can’t get help from the NHS. Finally, one single man and one single woman turn detective on each other’s love lives in an attempt to answer that all important question, Why Am I Still Single? and will be part of Channel 4’s Mating Season.

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