The Gadget Show wins Silver Lion award

Gadget Show, Channel 5Earlier this week Channel 5 series The Gadget Show won a Silver Lion at the highly regarded Cannes Lions Awards.

The award was issued to Channel 5 and mobile technology company XS2 after they made television history with the world’s first broadcast of a 360 degree dual-screen viewing experience, simultaneously on television, mobile and iPad. 360 filming was provided by TTX London.

5 Creative and Channel 5’s digital team wanted to do something that had never been done before. With the help of XS2 and TTX we were able to create a world first. This is a perfect example of a ‘what if….’ idea becoming reality, and we’re delighted by the Cannes Lions Award win. Congratulations to all the contributors to this project. – Rich Thrift, Creative Director at 5 Creative for Channel 5

Channel 5’s production arm, 5 Creative hired XS2 to create the first dual-screen TV app for The Gadget Show: World Tour. The app, developed by XS2 for Channel 5, synched with the UK television broadcast in real time.

Viewers of the 360 degree mobile experience, upon holding their device up to the screen, could then turn around with their phone or portable device and watch what was going on behind them, above them or anywhere off-screen. The app featured specially scripted scenes and action around the studio exclusively for the mobile 360 viewers.

Directional movement of the mobile device resulted in synchronized movement from the 360 degree TV cameras – the viewer could look anywhere around the studio along a 360 horizontal and vertical axis. It was an unprecedented advance in the mobile arena.

The Gadget Show continues on Channel 5 on Mondays at 8pm with Jason Bradbury, Rachel Riley, Pollyanna Woodward and Jon Bentley.

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