Big Brother EyeIn the latest task in Big Brother Secrets and Lies Charlie will be called to the diary room repeatedly, to celebrate her birthday in a big game of pass the parcel.

Big Brother has called Charlie to the diary room to celebrate her birthday. Each time she sits down, a fanfare goes off and Big Brother wishes her a Happy Birthday.

On a table in front of her is a present.

Big Brother 2013, CharlieBig Brother reveals that she will be taking part in a game of pass the parcel, and that when the music stops, she should unwrap a layer of the present. Big Brother then told her that this is a Birthday present for her to enjoy.

After all the layers are unwrapped, Charlie will open the box to find a party hat and party blower.

Charlie will receive a birthday party later today, which will consist of one cupcake.

See the outcome in Big Brother Secrets and Lies, Saturday 22 June, 9.20pm on Channel 5

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