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Mick Aston was one of the co-founders of the idea for Time Team appearing in its early incarnation Time Signs in the early 1990s.

Aston (pictured far right with the Time Team crew) was Somerset’s first county archaeologist, teaching in numerous universities across the UK during his career. Born in the Midlands he began his foray into archaeology in the late 1960s – it was however 1991 when he first became a regular on Channel 4.

Time Team began life as a four-part special in 1991 entitled Timesigns, with experts Mick Aston and Phil Harding leading the show. It later, with tweaks, returned as Time Team.

Mick Aston became a popular fixture on the series until 2012 when he decided to quit the show after it was claimed it had ‘dumbed down’ and was becoming ‘less archaelogogical’ and had more ‘pratting about’ in the hour long editions.

The series was axed later in the year.

It is with a very heavy heart that we’ve been informed that our dear colleague Mick Aston has passed away. Our thoughts are with his family. – Time Team statement.

The expert brought personality to the programme, along with his ever extensive range of colourful jumpers and eccentrically wild and untidy hairstyle. His style brought him a legion of fans via the programme.

Spokesperson for the Time Team Fans group Lee Brady told us it would be a fitting tribute if the Time Team crew could unite for a a Special ‘One-Off’ DIG in memory of Mick Aston and on a location Mick would have loved to excavate. The fan group have launched a tribute page to Mick.

This would be fitting to celebrate the legend that is Mick Aston. We’ll all miss those jumpers eh?.. – Lee says.

Mick Aston 1946 – 2013

A bigger tribute by the Time Team Fans spokesperson Lee Brady can be read here.

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