Mick Aston, Time Team

Lee Brady of the Time Team Fans site celebrates the life and work of Time Team co-founder and archaeologist Mick Aston who has died aged 66.

Legend Professor & Time Team hero Mick Aston sadly passed away on the 24/6/13 he will be remembered for his time excavating on Channel 4’s Time Team and helping history come back to life all over the country.

He will be missed by everyone who watched the TV show including the crew and fans around the world.Β – Lee Brady

Lee Brady, who is spearheading the ‘Save Time Team‘ Campaign on Twitter & Facebook, launched a tribute page for fans, Family & Friends to pay their respects and celebrate the legacy Mick has left behind

As soon as I found out he has passed away on the official Time Team page I was so shocked, But for some reason the first thing that came into my head was ‘Create a tribute page’ for everyone. – Lee Brady

Lee also came up with the idea of the Time Team crew getting together to do a Special ‘One-Off’ DIG in memory of Mick Aston and on a location Mick would have loved to excavate.

This would be fitting to celebrate the legend that is Mick Aston. We’ll all miss those jumpers eh?.. – Lee adds.

Fans can celebrate the life and work of Mick Aston at the tribute page here.

Time Team, Channel 4

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