All-My-Children-altAll My Children and One Life to Live are set to return to American television as Oprah Winfrey’s OWN cable network picks up the repeat rights to the first 40 episodes.

The former ABC soaps sprang back to life earlier this year thanks to Prospect Park who rebooted both serials with new episodes premiering online and on platforms such as Hulu and iTunes. 

This followed their cancellation by ABC and a period of absence due to Prospect Park’s original attempt at continuing them both failing.

The revived and rebooted soaps have been mostly well received by fans though things have been far from smooth behind the scenes; staffing changes, production hiatus’ and a reduction in the amount of episodes released per week have meant the drama behind-the-scenes is just as gripping as the on-screen drama.

Now there’s a new twist in the saga; OWN will repeat the first 40 episodes of Prospect Park’s revived All My Children and One Life to Live meaning the two soaps will be back on-screen in America. Starting from July 15th the repeats will screen at 1pm for AMC and 3pm for OLTL.

The news is somewhat ironic given fans of both soaps turned to Oprah Winfrey when ABC originally announced their cancellation. Fans hoped that AMC and OLTL would find new homes on OWN but Winfrey rejected the idea stating there just wasn’t the audience anymore for the soap genre.

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