Channel 5A six-part docudrama series for Channel 5 is to tell the stories of some of Britain’s most notorious murders.

In forensic and chillingly accurate detail, each film charts the last days leading up to these horrific killings from the perspective of both murderer and victim.

Examining the days, hours and minutes from this dual perspective, the series will use dramatic reconstruction to pinpoint the trigger that set each murder in motion, providing in-depth psychological analysis and anatomy of the devious and calculating plans the killer formulated to lure or trick their victim.

With exclusive access to personal testimony from witnesses who have never before spoken publicly; detailed crime reports; forensic evidence and expert commentary from criminologists, detectives pathologists and journalists, Countdown To Murder brings new form to a subject that is continually engaging , to tell the stories of some of Britain’s most high profile and shocking murders.

Crime, whether drama or documentary is something Channel 5 viewers find fascinating. This new commission combines both forms in a compelling and docudrama series that tell the stories of some of Britain’s most infamous killings.

From the steroid killer who brutally stabbed his girlfriend 71 times; the former royal aide who battered her boyfriend as he slept in their bed, Crackit’s Creative Director, Elaine Hackett said, ‘Ben has an instinct for programming that delivers killer ratings. We look forward to producing an unflinching, yet compelling docudrama series that delivers storytelling in a fresh and intelligent new way. – Ben Frow, Channel 5

The six-hour long episodes are entitled Stalked To Death; Killer In The Royal Family; The Brothers Who Butchered Their Parents; Execution At The Farm; The Kind Hearted Killer; and The Facebook Killer.

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