Charlie Cox and Andrew Scott for Legacy

BBC Sign, Broadcasting House LondonCharlie Cox and Andrew Scott are two of the names announced for BBC drama Legacy.

Romola Garai and Simon Russell Beale also join the line up for this single film, devised from a screenplay by writer Paula Milne and based on the novel by Alan Judd.

Legacy falls well within the genre of the British spy thriller but has an extraordinary personal twist. For what is espionage if not betrayal at the most fundamental level of human interactions? When that occurs within a family… It’s dynamite! – Paula Milne

Described by the beeb as a ‘gripping espionage thriller’ the story is set during the height of the Cold War in 1970s London. The 90-minute film follows a young spy, Charles Thoroughgood (Cox), who discovers the disturbing truth about his father’s complex past.

Fresh out of the army, Charles has barely begun his training in Britain’s secret intelligence service, MI6, when his university association with a Soviet diplomat lands him on a case.

The diplomat, Viktor Koslov (Scott), has been working in London and his behaviour suggests he could be turned. Charles’s bosses hope to exploit Viktor for their own purposes. But when Charles makes contact, Viktor reveals certain information that he would rather not believe.

As he is drawn deeper and deeper into the machinations of international intelligence, Charles finds himself falling in love with someone very close to the dangerous world he inhabits – a forbidden love, which makes it all the more intoxicating…

Charlie is going to make a fantastic Charles Thoroughgood and I’m delighted to have such a talented cast on board. Leading on from the recent success of drama on BBC Two, Paula’s script is guaranteed to make Legacy the most bold and ambitious drama imaginable. – Lucy Richer, BBC Executive Producer

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