It was a children’s classic from Tyne Tees Television for ITV and now fans of the Geordie series can see it again on DVD.

Launching in 1977 the series follows Newcastle paper boys as they do their rounds, and the adventures that come their way in the process. We also take a look at some of the opening title locations in 1977 and 2010.

The story follows the adventures of J.G., Ian, Gog, Baz and Sam – teenagers on a paper round for their local newsagent, Jack Crawford. Retired policeman Jack always tells the lads (and lass) to keep their eyes open as they go about their rounds; as a result they often discover the news, as well as deliver it!

Filmed among the terraced streets of Gateshead, with further shots in Newcastle, and featuring humorous, exciting scripts – several winning a Writer’s Guild Award for playwright and screenwriter William Corlett – The Paper Lads ran for two series.

Network now are to release all 14 episodes following the first episode previously having been released on their Look-Back on ’70s Telly Volume Two.

The Paper Lads – The Complete Series is released on July 29th.

Below are a few shots of locations used in the opening of The Paper Lads in 1977, ATV Today returned to the places in 2010. Sadly Gateshead Council have a penchant for demolishing respectably good housing and replacing it with more profitable ventures – so little survives.


Top: The Tyne Bridge looking towards Newcastle, taken from Tyne Bridge Tower. Bottom: Tyne Street in Newcastle, the road is now closed off due to redevelopment.


Top: The footbridge over the East Coast Mainline in Bensham, Gateshead. Bottom: The shop from the series, now a grass verge.

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