The Only Way Is Essex reality stars Sam Faiers and Joey EssexThe Only Way Is Essex reality stars Sam Faiers and Joey Essex may have split up recently however the pair are reunited by a new promotion for a fruit drink.

While Joey Essex and Sam Faiers’ relationship may have cooled down in recent weeks, it’s certainly looking hot between the former lovebirds on the set of Volvic’s Touch of Tropical Fruit flavour video promotion.

In an exclusive sneak peek of happier days, the red-hot reality duo tantalise all the senses, as they celebrate Volvic’s new tropical flavour. Inspired by the sounds and sights of the brand’s latest ad creative, the faux music video captures the couple at their least inhibited. – Volvic

The clip shows the ‘quarrelling couple’ being transported, in a dreamlike sequence, from the gridlocks of the B174 to a tropical destination. A place far from the beaches of Marbs, where a carefree Joey hits the right note for fun in the sun with his rendition of the classic tune La Bamba.

Cutting a striking figure in a canary yellow bikini, Sam shows off her beach bod and best dance moves, while cheeky chappy Joey makes a splash, quite literally, in this summer’s must watch video. – Volvic

However it’s not all sunshine and coconuts, this is a place laden with temptresses and treachery. From a buxom beautician eager to lend Joey a hand with his tan, to a flirty fireman hoping to cool down a smoking hot Sam, it seems Essex’s favourite couple won’t have too much trouble finding love again.

Summer is my favourite time of year, for sure. There’s nothing better than a trip to the beach with the boys, getting a tan, and just chilling. And, if Volvic Touch of Tropical Fruit has taught me anything, there is always a way to make a good summer’s day better! – Joey Essex

The couple reportedly split-up last month after an argument on a trip to Dubai, it was reported by the tabloids that Sam may have given Splash! contestant Joey a right old Essex slap about the face, it was the second major row in as many months reports suggested. However the promotion must go on…

The sun is shining and I couldn’t be more excited to break out my bikini. I’m ‘cheers-ing’ to the best summer yet with something totally tropical! – Sam Faiers

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