Daley - Big Brother 2013Channel 5 have confirmed that axed housemate Daley Ojuederie will be interviewed for spin off show Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.

Tune into tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side to see Emma Willis exclusively interview Daley following him being removed from the Big Brother house on Monday. – Channel 5

Daley was ditched from the show over “threatening behaviour” towards fellow housemate Hazel O’Sullivan.

The incident that led to his removal from the house occurred in the Big Brother Safe House where he had been dwelling with the glamour model after topping a viewers vote. The pair had become close despite Daley having a girlfriend outside the house.

A playful pillow fight took a turn for the worse resulting in Daley slapping Hazel on the backside, grabbing her by the throat, and making threats of further violence.

“Do you want me to go f**king mad now? Do you remember when I said, yeah, when I go mad it’s f**king scary… doesn’t mean I’m gonna hit you but it’s scary s**t.

“Have some respect for your f**king elders, yeah do you understand me… ‘cos if you don’t… I’ll finish you… Respect your f**king elders, before I nut you one.” – Ojuederie

Hazel told Big Brother in the Diary Room that she had felt threatened by Daley’s behaviour.

Daley was called to the diary room after the incident and was later allowed to return to the Safe House. Yesterday afternoon the producers took the decision to axe him as a contestant entirely.

Meanwhile, Hazel was issued with a formal warning by producers over the night’s events, which saw her pull down Daley’s pants and grab him by the throat.

If he had pulled her skirt down he’d have been kicked out surely, why is Hazel still in the house? – Critic Queenie.

The American CBS aired version of Big Brother has also been hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons, with claims a series of racist incidents have taken place.

Bit On The Side airs tonight at 11.00pm on Channel 5.

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