The Professionals for big screen movie

The Professionals LWT / ITVClassic ITV action series The Professionals could be about to hit the ‘big screen’ with a remake of the 1970s LWT series.

Starring Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins and Gordon Jackson the show was equally as famous for its Ford Capri and dramatic opening titles.

Devised by Brian Clemens, who also created The Avengers, the series was produced by London Weekend Television in association with his Avengers Mk1 Productions and ran for nearly sixty episodes over five series.

81-year-old Clements has reveled he’s working as executive producer on big budget blockbuster reboot of the drama, which could be in production by the end of this year.

It’s going to be a big action movie. The script is done and now we are looking at casting. There’s some big names being talked about but it’s all about making sure they’re available at the same time. Getting the right people is very important because the show means a lot to the fans.

It will be set in the modern day. It’s a huge task to shoot a period film and you’ll always get someone complaining there’s the wrong sort of phonebox used in one scene or something. The show can easily fit into the modern day. – Clements told The Croydon Advertiser

For fans worried about a reboot of a classic, following failures by ITV Studios including The Prisoner, Clements says The Professionals will be more faithful to its originator.

To any Professionals fans who are worried about the remake, can I just point out I had nothing to do with the Avengers movie in the 1990s. The less said about that the better. – Clements

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  1. I’m not sure this is a good idea epsecially if “The New Professionals” – the car crash remake starring Edward Woodward in the late 1990s is anything to go by.

    Best to leave the classics alone I think.

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