This Summer, Noel Edmonds will be welcoming the hottest acts of the season to play Deal or No Deal at his very own festival on Channel 4.

Noel Edmonds - Deal or No Deal - Seaside Special

The studio, known in the show as ‘The Dream Factory’, will be transformed into a trendy festival site, it will have a main stage, campsite, campervan VIP area and even a queue for the toilets.

Players featured will include a mix of festival goers and pop stars – with the contestant of the day taking to the stage as the headline act.

But there will be a twist in store for the contestant if they are still in play after choosing their first five boxes as the Banker will offer them the opportunity to win a holiday – or proceed one box at a time if they choose to complete in a tree-mendous challenge. Will the new twists to the game bring the players in touching distance of £250,000? – Channel 4

Deal or No Deal: Dealfest will air from Monday 29th July on Channel 4.

Deal or No Deal - Seaside Specials
Pictured a previous ‘Seaside Specials’ week of Deal or No Deal.
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