Grand Designs, Channel 4 with Kevin McCloudGrand Designs has been re-commissioned for two new series comprising of eight episodes each.

The show, which follows people with ambitions to design and build their own homes – from experts in the building trade to the totally inexperienced, was first commissioned in 1999. 

Homes featured are often elaborate and have ranged from a house being built entirely from wood in the middle of a forest to an Eco-friendly house built into the side of a hill.

Grand Designs continues to go from strength to strength, and we’re delighted to be producing a further two series of this ever-popular programme for Channel 4.

The series celebrated its 100th episode last year with an amazing build in Kennington – ‘must-see’ TV. It’s all credit to Kevin’s passion, insight and commitment to follow every chapter of these ambitious builds that the series continues to resonate with such a wide audience. – Patrick Holland, Managing Director for Boundless

Fronted by Kevin McCloud the series produced by Boundless – part of the Fremantle empire – has so far ranked up over 120 episodes and twelve series.

Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs continues as ever to fuel our dreams, stretch our imaginations and inspire the grand design dreams in all of us. – Kate Teckman, Commissioning Editor

The series airs on Channel 4 with regular repeats on More4

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