Gillian Anderson, The X Files screengrabGillian Anderson and David Duchovny have reunited to celebrate twenty years since The X-Files first hit the air.

The duo who played FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder (Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Anderson) marked two decades since the first episode by taking part in a reunion at San Diego’s Comic-Con.

X-Files became the USA’s longest running sci-fi series, airing for nine years, over 200 episodes and two movie spin-offs.

Eleven years after the show departed the Fox network the actors celebrated its launch anniversary alongside creators Vince Gilligan and Chris Carter along with writers from the series.

David Duchovny, The X-FilesThe leading stars said they’d be up for a on-screen reunion, with the mooting of a third film. “A film would be great.” Anderson noted, adding that she’d prefer a big screen X-Files comeback rather than a new television series while Duchovny stated he would “love to work with Gillian again”.

Creator Carter believes the series was always dark and had it been launched in 2013 rather than 1993 very little in format and style would be different. “the technology has changed… that would affect some things. What we did then is what we’d do now.”

At its peak 27 million turned into the programme in the states.

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