Tom Daley has been voted Sexiest Man in the World by readers of Attitude magazine.

The popular Olympian faced tough competition from the likes of David Beckham, Henry Cavill and Prince Harry. However, readers of Attitude felt that Daley’s sexiness out-weighed that of the ever-popular footballer David Beckham and Man of Steel star Henry Cavill.

Tom Daley has a large gay following perhaps, in a small part, due to the skimpy underwear he has to wear while diving. Daley was one of the main stars for Team GB at last year’s Olympics in London but his popularity had been growing steadily for several years prior.

Earlier this year Daley fronted the ITV series Splash! which was essentially celebrity diving. Critics panned the entertainment series but its ratings were surprisingly healthy with over 5 million viewers despite its lacklustre line-up of celebrity contestants. The success of Splash! was widely put down to the presence of Daley.

Tom Daley Splash ITV

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