X Factor SharonIts reported that returning X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne has already got herself in trouble following ‘unprofessional behaviour’ at an audition day for the show in Manchester last month. 

The Sun reports Thames Television and Syco will be receiving a letter from Greater Manchester Police to “remind them of the need to conduct themselves in a professional manner”, but will not be perusing the incident which saw Osbourne fling a pen at an OAP performer.

73-year-old Jonnie Rocco, real name John Johnson, reported her for assault following his failed audition which saw him perform an Elvis Presley song.

Having been turned down for a place in the X Factor contest by all four judges he mimicked Sharon’s rocker husband Ozzy adding “You think Ozzy can sing?”

MTV The Osbournes, Series TwoOutraged Sharon allegedly unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade at Jonnie with the tabloid reporting she ordered security to remove the pensioner then flung a pen at him, which hit him on the shoulder, as he was lead out of the room.

Jonnie said he reported her actions to the police ‘as assault’ due to her ‘vile actions’ leaving him suffering from nightmares.

He had previously auditioned in 2007, again failing to gain a place in the show, taking offence at Irish pop mogul Louis Walsh to which he issued a ‘Mafia style’ revenge threat.

Well lets be honest, darlings, Ozzy does sound like Amy Turtle after she’s had one too many gin and tonics. – ATV critic Queenie.

Sharon had said previously she’d ‘become a nicer person’ following life changing events within her family and her own health concerns.

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