Steven Moffat Admits To Lying About Doctor Who

Steven-MoffatSteven Moffat has admitted he has “lied his arse off” for months over Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special.

The showrunner revealed he hadn’t been truthful over Doctor Who’s anniversary during an appearance at Comic Con. Moffat was asked why the popular character of Captain Jack Harkness (played by John Barrowman) would not be in the anniversary story.

Moffat responded by saying;

You can’t put everybody in the 50th. How do you know what is and what is not in the 50th? I have lied my arse off for months. You know nothing so don’t make presumptions. It’s always story-driven. If we have a great idea for Captain Jack, he’ll come back. If we don’t, he won’t.

Actor John Barrowman stated many times he was willing to return to Doctor Who for the landmark occasion. Barrowman’s last appearance in the sci-fi series was a cameo in 2010 in David Tennant’s The End of Time, but his last on-screen appearance as Jack Harkness was in 2011’s Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Moffat’s comments about lying shouldn’t come as a huge surprise; he is well known for disliking spoilers and has been economical with the truth – regarding storylines – in the past.

So what is officially known about the 50th anniversary? It will be broadcast in 3D and will star Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman alongside David Tennant and Billie Piper. Guest stars include John Hurt, Joanna Page and Jemma Redgrave who will reprise her role of Kate Stewart. The special will feature the return of the Zygon’s – last seen in 1975 Tom Baker serial Terror of the Zygons – and the Daleks – last seen in Aslyum of the Daleks.

Fans of the series are hopeful that former companions and Doctors will make an appearance in the special but Moffat has previously hinted this won’t happen – though maybe that’s one of the things he’s “lied his arse off” about!

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16 Replies to “Steven Moffat Admits To Lying About Doctor Who”

  1. Its only going to include one doctor in the show, I would think, and reintroduce the doctors clone that went to another dimension with rose.

      1. actually, while i don’t think its going to be the clone, there is an explanation for this….
        There is a deleted scene where The Doctor gives his clone a piece of the TARDIS and reminds him that a TARDIS can be grown. They cut it due to time, but there isn’t any reason they couldn’t show it as a flash back in the 50th.

      2. I like the idea that it’s the clone.

        It’s difficult to imagine how the previous doctor (original 10) could suddenly turn up with Rose without either he or Rose being aware of the clone (1 heart). It would mean that they would have to know about this adventure prior to 10’s demise in which case… aaaaaaah! But you see what I mean?

    1. Dudes, you’re all nuts…

      they’re stuck in the Doctor’s timeline…which includes 10…it doesn’t have to be the clone, and he isn’t suddenly turning up. Any image of himself or anyone from his past can be in his timeline, including his future.

  2. Its like the soap operas the producers used to sometime record fake scenes so the press got the wrong idea.

  3. The official Doctor Who Facebook page has hinted there will be several older Doctors making an appearance. They even got a look-a-like actor to fill in for the role of the first Doctor, cause poor Mr. Hartnell already deceased lots of years ago.
    So I would totally expect more of the 50th anniversary than what Moffat is claiming to happen 😉

  4. The Doctor jumped into his time-stream…so he’s going to jump around within his timeline. So 10 and Rose will probably be some product of his changing his timeline by being within it. Maybe, because 10 is his most recent incarnation it’s easier for him to use it, or manipulate it to get him and Clara out. Perhaps 10 and Rose will help them do this too. And I’m sure, too, it will take it’s toll on him since the Christmas special is the last episode…? Or is this his last appearance? I don’t know. Regardless, I think it will go something like this. What do you all think?

    1. Everyone seems to be overlooking the obvious – it was explained in the Season 7 finale that the Doctor and Clara are within his own timestream, in some limbo dimension that appears to be a gateway of sorts to all the different parts of his life. (hence why she was seeing all the different incarnations running by.) They probably won’t be bringing the Tenth Doctor and Rose back, they’ll probably be bringing Clara and the Eleventh back in time to when the Tenth Doctor and Rose were traveling together, sometime in Season 2.

      And on the topic of the impending regeneration…I’d guess the Christmas Special (in which he is scheduled to regenerate) will be an extension somehow of the 50th anniversary special. And as for how it will happen…I’m 100% sure the Eleventh will sacrifice his 11th body to stabilize/fix the gigantic breach in time him meeting his Tenth self will cause. If you look back at Matt’s seasons, each finale has ended with him sacrificing himself to fix some breach in time (the Pandorica, Wedding of River Song) and it would only be fitting that he do so again – only this time, Moffat won’t use some touchy-feely bullshit to make him survive and therefore render the “sacrifice” meaningless.

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