Sean Maguire To Join Once Upon A Time

Sean Maguire on Channel 5ABC’s Once Upon A Time has found itself a new Robin Hood in the form of British actor Sean Maguire.

Producers of the fantasy drama began the hunt for a new actor to play Robin Hood when originator Tom Ellis proved to be unavailable. Producers are planning to have Robin Hood as part of Once’s forthcoming third season. The hunt for that new actor is now over though with TV Line reporting that Sean Maguire will now play the role.

Sean Maguire has a long list of credits to his name with his most recent role being in ITV’s hit drama Scott and Bailey. Maguire’s other credits include Bedlam, Cold Case, CSI: NY, The Class, Sunburn, Dangerfield, Off Centre and Holby City.

Maguire’s first big break was in Grange Hill, which led to him landing a role on BBC One soap EastEnders between 1992 and 1993. Tom Ellis, best known for his role in hit comedy Miranda, also had a regular role in EastEnders but long after Maguire’s stint; Ellis played Dr. Oliver in 2006.

Once Upon A Time returns to ABC on 29th September. The second season of the fantasy drama currently airs on Sundays at 8pm on Channel Five in the UK.

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