The CW Changes Autumn Schedule: Vampire Diaries Returning Earlier

VD-genericThe CW has tweaked its Autumn schedule with The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural returning earlier than originally stated.

The fifth season of The Vampire Diaries, its spin-off The Originals and veteran drama Supernatural will be back a little earlier than originally planned but historical drama Reign has had its premier pushed back.

The Vampire Diaries’ fifth season was scheduled to kick off on October 10th but The CW has brought it forward to October 3rd. The fifth season will feel slightly different with the likes of Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Caroline (Candice Accola) at college while regulars such as Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Rebecca (Claire Holt) have moved over to spin-off series The Originals.

The Originals will now premier on October 3rd with Vampire Diaries serving as its lead in. It make sense to pair the two shows up and The CW will be hoping most of the audience sticks around for the spin-off. The show will move, after two weeks, to a Tuesday slot serving as a lead-in to Supernatural.

Supernatural-Jensen-ToplessMeanwhile Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki will be back for a 9th season of Supernatural on October 8th. The CW is eying a spin-off from the veteran drama with a back-door pilot likely to air in the latter half of the new season.

Historical drama Reign, based on the early years of Mary Queen of Scots, has had its premier pushed back to Thursday 17th October.

So The CW’s Autumn schedule now looks like this:

Thursday 3rd October:
8pm: The Vampire Diaries (Fifth Season Premier)
9pm: The Originals (Series Premier)

Monday 7th October:
8pm: Hart of Dixie (Third Series Premier)
9pm: (Beauty and the Beast (Second Season Premier)

Tuesday 8th October:
8pm: The Originals (Slot Move)
9pm: Supernatural (9th Season Premier)

Wednesday 9th October:
8pm: Arrow (Second Season Premier)
9pm: The Tomorrow People (Series Premier)

Thursday 10th October
8pm: The Vampire Diaries
9pm: The Originals (Episode 2 repeat)

Thursday 17th October:
8pm: The Vampire Diaries
9pm: Reign (Series Premier)

Friday 25th October:
8pm: The Carrie Diaries (Second Season Premier)

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