NetflixA-ha! To celebrate the release of Alpha Papa – Netflix are indulging in classic Alan Partridge.

Members can catch up with classic Steve Coogan shows from this weekend including Coogan taking to the stage for a stand-up tour. Armed with nothing more than a hire car, a Little Chef loyalty card and a support staff of 35, Coogan travels around, reintroducing the characters that made him a BAFTA-winning comedy legend in Alan Partridge & Other Less Successful Characters.

Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge Steve Coogan plays a boorish talk show host in this satire that skewers the format as its star becomes increasingly disgusted with his guests. Highlights include an off-key ABBA duet with a pop star and the excessively violent Cirque des Clowns.

There is also a chance to see the festive special of the spoof chat show Knowing Me Knowing Yule in which, and in no way like Noel Edmonds, Alan hosts a party from his house – sort of. In a studio replica of his real front room, Alan Partridge presents a Christmas spectacular that boasts an interview with a golfer who was struck by lightning and the unveiling of the world’s largest Christmas cracker.

I’m Alan Partridge follows the former TV star as he returns to radio in this comedy docu-drama. With his marriage and talk show in ruins, struggling presenter Alan Partridge plots the resurrection of his career from his perch in a cheap hotel, where he carries on his tried-and-true streak of insulting everyone around him.

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