Disney Warns The Lone Ranger Will Make A Loss

Lone-RangerDisney has stated it expects The Lone Ranger to make a loss.

The company issued the warning as it released its third quarter results which revealed that revenue was up by 4% thanks to its cable networks and theme parks. Disney revealed it had earned $1.85bn in the quarter to June. However despite that success the company expects The Long Ranger to lose between $160m to $190m.

The loss will show up in the company’s fourth quarter results later this year and stems from the amount of money Disney has spent on promoting the film. Last year the film John Carter, starring Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins, was also a Box Office disappointment because of the large amount of money spent by Disney on promotion. Disney also revealed that Iron Man 3, released in the Spring, had not performed as well at the Box Office as The Avengers.

The Lone Ranger stars Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer and Helena Bonham Carter  and is directed by Gore Verbinski who has also produced the film alongside  Jerry Bruckheimer; the duo helmed the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for Disney previously.

The Walt Disney company owns Pixar, Lucasfilms, Marvel,  the television companies ABC, A&E, ESPN, and LifeTime as well as the publisher Hyperion Books.

The Lone Ranger is released in UK cinemas on August 9th.

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