Channel 4The Man Who Will Buy Anything is a one-off observational documentary following ‘real-life Del Boy’ Steve Elwis – one of the most prolific traders in Britain specialising in buying up excess stock of all varieties and selling it on for a big profit.

A former second-hand car salesman, Steve jacked this in to run his company Virrgo. And if you’ve ever wondered where market traders and Poundland get their products from, Steve’s your answer.

From corner shops that have gone bust and family-run businesses that have gone under, to large high street stores in administration and manufacturers who’ve run out of trade, every day of the year Steve and his team are out on the road, doing deals with people who are desperately trying to scrape back money from their bankrupt stock. With unprecedented access to Virrgo, the show explores the hidden world of the people who are making money from other people’s misfortune and use this unique business as a way of offering a new perspective of Britain during the economic downturn.

The hour long show will also show the daily risks that Steve and his team face when making deals. With every transaction has to come profit and Steve has to be sure that whatever he buys he can sell, but that’s not always the case. We’ll see how Steve manages to walk the thin line between profit and loss at a time of change for his business, from office moves to new recruitment.

The Man Who Will Buy Anything times is one of a number which look at British businesses doing well despite the recession and will air in September.

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