CBS’s medical drama Emily Owens M.D comes to Really

UKTV logoReally is to broadcast CBS’s medical drama series Emily Owens M.D. in the UK.

The thirteen part series stars Mamie Gummer in the eponymous title role – a geeky graduate leaving her days as an awkward student behind her and beginning an exciting new chapter as an intern at Denver Memorial Hospital.

However, the cliques that surround her are all too familiar: the jocks from school have become orthopedic surgeons; the mean girls are ‘in plastics’ and the rebels are in ER. Although one girl immediately latches on to Emily as a new friend, she also has to work alongside her arch nemesis from high school and her med-school crush. Emily soon discovers her new life is not so different to the one she was so eager to leave behind.

Really aspires to provide thoroughly entertaining content that matches the channel’s brand positioning ‘Really Gets You’. The experiences of Mamie Gummer’s character are ones many of us can relate to in some way, which makes for addictive viewing and will get our viewers talking. – Really’s General Manager Clare Laycock

The UK broadcast premiere of Emily Owens M.D will air on Really later this month.

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