Red Light Zone Channel 418 years after their Red Light Zone Channel 4 are returning to the subject of sex. The kind that is actually going on in Britain’s bedrooms. Sex involving people of every persuasion, age, race and proclivity.

In an age of ever-increasingly accessible porn and fantasy, could we be in danger of losing touch with what real sex is? – Channel 4

Experts claim that the ever-increasing consumption of porn is distorting people’s expectations of sex so much that it is now damaging the sex lives of Britons. Studies examining if there is a discernible impact on young brains suggest children could be growing-up hardwired for porn.

The growth of pornography – legal porn now accounts for a third of global internet traffic – is having a massive impact on the sex lives of Britons. From young men who have grown up consuming porn and are now addicted to it on such a scale that they are struggling to lead normal lives, to couples who feel the pressure of ‘having sex like a porn star’ so much that they’ve simply stopped doing it. The Real Sex Season aims to reclaim sex from the airbrushed, surgically-enhanced, gymnastic fantasies and celebrate the joy of real sex.

The aim of this season is to get a healthy perspective on sex. We live in world where pornography, fantasy and fetish are being considered the norm by many and we want to be very un-British and talk about what really goes on in Britain’s bedrooms. – Ralph Lee, Head of Factual, Channel 4

The original Channel 4 sex season aired in 1995 with The Red Light Zone running across several weekends as a mix of factual documentary -including Paul O’Grady as Lily Savage looking at how sex is shown around the world, art films on the subject of sexual encounters and soft porn movies.

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