Doctor WhoNeil Cross has revealed he will be penning another episode of Doctor Who.

The writer penned two episodes of Doctor Who for its recent seventh season; the religiously themed Rings of Aktaten and the haunted-house story Hide which guest starred Jessica Raine and Dougray Scott. Both episodes featured Matt Smith as the Doctor and Jenna Louise Coleman as Clara.

The Radio Times quotes the writer as saying “I am going back” revealing he will be amongst the writing team for the 8th season. The writer revealed he had “story ideas tucked away” and that “there’s a whole bunch of stuff I want to do”.

However, as yet nothing seems to have been set in stone storywise as Cross states “Steven [Moffat] is clearly very busy with the 50th anniversary special and the Christmas special, but I have to find out from Steven what his intentions for the Doctor are and what sort of stories he wants me to write.”

The 8th season will be the first to feature Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor and writing for the new Doctor is something Cross is looking forward to. “I am really excited about writing for Peter Capaldi. I think he’s an outstanding choice. There’s something about his physicality, his image, his wit, that evokes the Doctor. There’s something about him that evokes classic Doctor Who.”

Cross is now based in New Zealand and the quotes come from an interview with Matt Smith is expected to bow out as the 11th Doctor during this year’s Christmas Special. Jeanna Louise Coleman is expected to remain as Clare alongside Calapdi as the Doctor.

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