More 4Building the Dream will follow ambitious first-time home-builders as they embark on creating their ideal property.

Architectural designer, Charlie Luxton, believes it is possible to build your perfect home – and for less than it would cost to buy a ready-made property.

Around the UK, potential buyers are discovering that the only way they can afford a property that fits their brief is to find an empty plot of land and build from scratch. If they get it right, then they can save tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds – and have the property of their dreams. But get it wrong, and their dream home can quickly turn into a nightmare. On hand to guide them through from foundations to finish, Charlie will provide support to the families on this steep learning curve.

Charlie’s passion for self-building is an inspiration not only to the families he works with, but shows all of us that our ideal home is surprisingly affordable if we build it ourselves. – More4 Commissioning and Development Editor David Sayer

By showcasing other brave self-builders who have turned a hole in the ground into their for-ever home – and at a fraction of the cost of buying it ready built – this series will inspire and offer advice to those who want to design every last detail of their home. But will the families blow the budget and create a house which only they could love?

Following the triumphs and tragedies of building your own home, Charlie will reveal at the end of each project a valuation of the new property – and hopefully a massive saving for our builders compared to buying a similar one in the area. Will they have listened to his advice, and is it really possible to build yourself a bargain?

The amazing properties built by ordinary people prove that you don’t have to be a millionaire to live in your dream home. We hope the series will help to inspire others who are up for the challenge. – Executive producer, Jess Fowle

The ten-part series, of hour long episodes, will be made by True North for More4

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