Grimm-mediumAlexis Denisof is to join the cast of NBC’s supernatural police drama Grimm.

TV Line reports the acotr will join the drama for its upcoming third season in a recurring role. He will play the character – with a very lengthy name – Victor Albert Wilhelm George Beckendorf which is probably unpronounceable when drunk.

Victor will be related to the character of Renard played by former True Blood actor James Frain who most recently played Warwick ‘The King Maker’ in the Starz/BBC drama The White Queen.

Alexis Denisof is, of course, best known for playing watcher/demon hunter Wesley Wyndam-Pryce firstly in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (in its third series) and then again in spin-off series Angel. Following the demise of the Los Angeles based spin-off, in 2004, Denisof has appeared in shows such as Dollhouse (from Angel/Buffy’s Joss Whedon) and How I Met Your Mother.

Grimm returns to NBC for its third season on October 25th. In the UK the series airs on digital channel Watch.

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