True-Blood-mediumHBO to decide in coming weeks if seventh season of True Blood will be its last.

It may be last order in Merlotte’s as HBO is set to decide the fate of Bon Temps and its residents in the coming weeks. True Blood showrunner Brian Buckner has told TV Line that the decision on whether the seventh season will be its last or not will be made very shortly.

Buckner told TV Line “That conversation is happening, but we don’t have an answer yet. I’m being told that I will know – which doesn’t mean that I will tell everybody. But I will know when the writers resume in the room [next month] whether or not we’re wrapping it up or not”

When HBO announced it had ordered a seventh season there was speculation it could be the last. True Blood is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries books by Charlaine Harris and the 13th novel in the series – the last – was published earlier this year.

HBO previously stated True Blood would continue ‘as long as there are stories to tell’. Whether season seven will be the last series or not the cast of the drama will include Amelia Rose Blaire who is being made a series regular following her stint in the sixth season as Willa Burrell.

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