Dave-mediumThose of a certain age will remember the hugely popular children’s series Jackanory which saw famous faces, ranging from Kenneth Williams to Ann George, wander into the BBC to read a children’s story. Now titter channel Dave is reinventing it – for grown-ups.

The new series Crackanory will be a satirical and twisted grown-up spin on ‘story time’.

Every episode of Crackanory will contain two tales, each punctuated with a mixture of narrated live action and animation. Penned by some of comedy’s most imaginative writers, the stories will be performed by celebrities who let their dark, comedic minds run wild and put their own enchanting spin on storytelling.

A number of the UK’s most compelling personalities are taking part in Crackanory, including Harry Enfield, Jack Dee, Sally Phillips and Richard Hammond, with further talent to be confirmed. – UKTV

The stories featured are the work of comedy’s most creative minds, including those of Jeremy Dyson, Nico Tatarowicz, Holly Walsh, Jason Cook and Kevin Eldon. The series, scheduled to air later this year, will run for six forty-minute episodes.

The art of storytelling is far from dead; in fact Dave’s bringing it back bigger and better. Crackanory gives it a brand new, contemporary twist, in what could be described as an ingenious adult adaptation of well-loved children’s programme Jackanory. Weird and wonderful tales delivered by the funniest people on television: Dave viewers are sure to find this a delicious combination – General Manager, Dave, Steve North

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