Doctor Who’s The Moonbase Set For DVD Release

Doctor-Who-Patrick-TroughtoDoctor Who serial The Moonbase is set for release next year on DVD.

The Patrick Troughton story, featuring the Cybermen, is the latest Doctor Who story to be released on DVD with its missing episodes replaced by animation. Currently only episodes twoand four of the story are known to exist with episodes 1 and 3 missing from the BBC Archives. The Moonbase featured Patrick Troughton alongside fellow series regulars Anneke Wills as Polly, Michael Craze as Ben and Frazer Hines as Jamie.

The missing episodes will be replaced by animated versions with studio Planet 55 responsible for the re-creations. The studio did the animation for the recent release of The Reign of Terror and the forthcoming The Tenth Planet which was the first story to feature the Cybermen and William Hartnell’s last (regular story) as the Doctor.

The Doctor Who DVD range is increasingly turning to animation to replace missing episodes so stories which are incomplete in the archives can still be enjoyed. The process took off with the release of The Invasion in 2006 which was well received by fans but the cost initially delayed further stories being similarly released.

The Moonbase was first transmitted in 1967 and featured the return of the Cybermen following their first outing in The Tenth Planet the previous year. The Cybermen were the recurring menace of Troughton’s era and returned in The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Wheel in Space and The Invasion clocking up four stories by 1969. The creatures did not appear again in Doctor Who until Tom Baker’s tenure in the 1975 serial Revenge of the Cybermen.

The Tenth Planet is due to be released on 18th November. A vanilla release of the story (which contains no extras) has been released as part of the Regenerations box-set which is currently available to buy.

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