BBC ThreeIn the first episode of The Insider, a group of young applicants battle it out for their dream job at a top events company.

Living and working together for 10 days, they undergo an intense interview process, taking on tasks for the company under the scrutiny of its two CEOs. But not all the candidates are as they seem. One of the candidates is an insider and senior manager at the company who, disguised as an applicant, must conceal their identity from the others, report back to the CEOs and make that ultimate decision on who gets the job.

In their first task, the group must work together as a team to choose a selection of wedding products, displaying them in a showcase that will wow potential buyers, as well as company bosses. Each hopeful then has a chance to meet the two CEOs, but while four of the five candidates focus on making a good impression, it’s a chance for the insider to catch up with their employers, reveal their thoughts on the candidates so far and their identity to the viewers, keeping the rest of the team in the dark.

A well-deserved night out at the weekend is a chance for the candidates to let their hair – and their guards – down, but while the unsuspecting four think they’re off duty, it’s the insider’s chance to see a different side to them.

As the process draws to an end, the candidates are given one final chance to shine as they help organise a high-profile VIP event for the company, before the insider reveals their identity to the four hopefuls, hands out some honest feedback and, to the winning candidate, the job of their dreams.

The Insider, BBC Three, Tonight (Sept 2nd) at 9pm.

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